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  • Made with high-quality pigments
  • Use of pure pigments avoids colours being muddied through blending
  • Each stick is made, labelled and packed by hand


This set is a collaboration between Unison pastels and the well-known pastel artist and tutor Les Darlow. It includes 18 full-stick Unison pastels.

As Les says, "The range of pastels I have chosen here are what I use most of the time, and have been used for all the paintings within gallery. I have some favourite colours in the Unison range. A49 is probably my favourite pastel, it is a dark Prussian Blue, which adds so much tone & depth to my colour mixing. There is a great turquoise range, another of my favourite colours, plus those gorgeous subtle yellows which I use to replace the harshness of white. The colours chosen in the ranges are perfect for painting landscapes if you like painting sunrise & sunset."

Alongside Unison pastels, Les also uses Jackson's Square Soft Pastels. As Les says, "I have always used Unison Pastels, and purchased them for my students, but we often need a slightly harder pastel, so not to fill the tooth too quickly, so I also purchase Jackson’s Square Soft pastels for my students... Overall, a great pastel for the price." You can read an interview with Les on the Jackson's Blog.


Product CodeTU18LD
Pour Utiliser AvecPastel
Pays de fabricationRoyaume-Uni
Pastel : Taille Du BâtonRégulier
Solidité de la Couleur à la LumièreOpaque
Weight (kg)0.312000


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