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Handmade in Assisi, Italy, A. Gallo Watercolors are crafted using traditional recipes to produce highly pigmented, pure, and luminous colors.

  • 80+ colors available
  • Excellent quality
  • Made with gum arabic, honey and pure pigments
  • Range inspired by historical pigments
  • Made in Italy
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A. Gallo Handmade Watercolors have been developed using a contemporary approach to historical color.

Made by hand in Assisi, the watercolors are crafted according to a traditional recipe of raw pigment, gum arabic, local honey, rosemary essential oil, and a wetting agent. This artisanal process creates a very pigmented and luminous paint that activates beautifully when wet. The binder is made from pure lumps of Kordofan gum arabic from the Acacia Senegal tree dissolved in distilled water and filtered to remove any impurities. Honey from Umbria is added as a humectant, and rosemary essential oil is added for its natural antifungal properties.

A. Gallo watercolors are available as individual half pans and full pans, and in special themed sets. Each pan is wrapped in watercolor paper with a hand painted sample brushed over it. The watercolor sets are beautifully packaged with original marbled paper by Florentine artisan workshop Giulio Giannini e Figlio and a color chart printed on Arches watercolor paper. The colors are made by hand in very small batches. The watercolors are cadmium, cobalt, lead, and mercury-free.

For more information about A. Gallo Watercolors, click to here read our article.


Product CodeP-WAGALP
To Use WithWatercolor
BinderGum Arabic
TransparencyRefer to single colours
Colour LightfastRefer to single colors

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(7 reviews)

Words can’t describe

I bought this to supplement a small set I recently purchased in Assisi. This rich beautiful half pan was more beautiful in person if that can be. The smell will always remind me of Italy. At first I couldn’t smell it but now I can. It is very faintly scented with Rosemary for preservation. I use other paints but these are my favorites by far.


Pietra Rose & Ultramarine Pink

My very first two "A. Gallo paint" I purchased. After an addition of 20 more colours, they are still my very favorite two, so special. But I have to mention like another review that Azurite Blue is so unique and delightful. A. Gallo definitely has a great selection of unique paints not comparable to other brands.

Elaine April 2024

Still de grain light

The most expensive half pan I have ever bought $25.10, and the very most disappointing paint I ever bought. After 5 layers, I could not even get close to the swatch included with the paint. What appeared to be a very unique paint that I was excited to add to my collection of A. Gallo supreme quality, only brought a deep disappointment and pure waste of money!.

Elaine April 2024


I own a lot of different pro watercolor brands, and I also own a lot of these paints and sets, and absolutely love them. They wet easily (not hard like some other pro brands I own, which I won’t name, but which even pre-wet, I have to scrub to lift paint), they have a lot of pigment, mix well, and are a pleasure to work with. A little goes a long way. The results are always beautiful and I like the high lightfast ratings. The smell, I personally love: not of chemicals, like some, just a light rosemary smell. Can’t see why the other reviewer was so horrified by this.



I'm a watercolour enthusiast and this one was specially disappointing, I always make sure to watch and read reviews before I purchase anything... sadly all I could find were misleading reviews, the pigment isn't great and the smell (which was the major reason why I purchased these expensive pans) was so unpleasant I couldn't look past it; as opposed to the large opinion of most reviews claiming the smell was great. I held onto this watercolour hoping the stench would at least fade a bit, spoiler alert it didn't fade nor it diminished on old dried swatches! I never used any of my treasured brushes nor did I try to mix this colour with the rest of my pans because it would ruin them. Honestly I have never been so upset about a purchase, I probably had way too high expectations and was massively let down. I just want to mention this product doesn't reflect how nice the customer service at Jackson's is, I will continue shopping across the other amazing brands they carry and will stay away from A.Gallo for the rest of my life.



great colour looks great with blues and skin tones. Buy quick it goes fast

Ruth Rout


Nice colour, superb pigment and coverage.

Ruth Rout

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