Diane Townsend

Diane Townsend Artists’ Pastels are handmade soft pastels for artists. Diane began making them in 1971 using a 15th century formula from Italy.



Diane Townsend Pastel Soft FormDiane Townsend Pastel Soft Form

Soft Form Pastel

Diane Townsend Pastel TerragesDiane Townsend Pastel Terrages

Terrages Primary Colors Set of 6

Diane Townsend Soft FormDiane Townsend Soft Form

Terrages Landscape Set of 12

Diane Townsend Soft FormDiane Townsend Soft Form

Soft Form Intense Primary Set of 12

Soft Form Landscape Set of 24

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Excellent for both delicate and bold marks, our wide range of pencils includes graphite, watercolour, wax and pastel.

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Highly fluid with intense colour, inks that can be used for a variety of techniques such as drawing, painting, and calligraphy.

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