Lascaux : Aquacryl

Lascaux Aquacryl combine two worlds: they perform as an acrylic paint, yet are as transparent and light as watercolours. Lascaux Aquacryl is suitable not only for traditional watercolour techniques but also for luminous glazes on large formats. The range is highly pigmented, non-ageing and non-yellowing. They are easily soluble when dry and result in a matt finish. They consist of fine, pure, lightfast pigments and water soluble age-resistant acrylic resin.

The paint can be applied directly or diluted, not only on water colour paper but on virtually any firm, porous surface with the use of brush, airbrush and a variety of other painting tools. No matter what the concentration, it dries to a velvety matt finish, durably preserving the richness and intensity of colour. Thin applications dry in such a manner that they can be overpainted without dissolving previously applied layers. Conversely, thickly applied layers can be dissolved to produce washes.

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