Established in 1806, Lyra is one of the oldest pencil manufacturers in the world. For over 200 years they have been synonymous with German innovation and quality.



Graduate Aquarell

Rembrandt Aquarell

Rembrandt Polycolor SetsRembrandt Polycolor Sets
Polycolor Sets

Polycolor Sets

Rembrandt Aquarell Coloured Pencil SetRembrandt Aquarell Coloured Pencil Set
Aquarell Coloured Pencil Sets

Aquarell Colored Pencil Sets

Lyra Graduate Graphite Pencil SetLyra Graduate Graphite Pencil Set
Graduate Graphite Pencil Set

Graduate Graphite Pencil Set

Lyra Air ClayLyra Air Clay
Air Drying Clay

Air Drying Clay

Aqua Brush Duo


Painting with pastel is the closest thing to painting with pure pigment. Pastels come as oil pastels, soft pastels and hard pastels.

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