Color Shapers : Silicone Tool : Black : Extra Firm : Flat Chisel : Size 0




  • Extra Firm


Color Shapers Silicone Tools come in three colors which are each suitable for working with different materials. The Ivory Tip is soft and can be used with fluids and soft colors, while the slightly firmer Grey Tip offers more control over polymer clay, and heavy-body or paste paints. Both of these ranges are widely used by pastellists who need precision when blending. The Black Tip Clay Shapers are much firmer and are best suited to sculpting, ceramics and modelling.

Within these ranges, a number of different tools are available:

  • The Taper Point allows you to apply and carve paint, blend charcoal and pastel, create clear linear strokes and make broad forceful marks.
  • The Cup Round moves heavy paint, controls thick color, creates soft edged strokes and blends pastel and charcoal.
  • The Cup Chisel allows you to adjust contours and edges, carve and scrape back paint.
  • The Flat Chisel will allow you to blend paint, mix paint on the palette and create flat even strokes of color.
  • The Angle Chisel creates expressive strokes, works from thick to thin and makes precise marks.

This is a Black Tip tool made of Extra Firm silicone, with a Flat Chisel tip. This tool is a Size 0.


Product CodeCSB0FC
To Use WithOil, Acrylic
Country of ManufactureUnited Kingdom
Brush ShapeFlat Chisel
Hair TypeSynthetic
More Brush ShapesOther Shapes
More Hair TypesSilicone
Size ## 0


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