Cranfield : Caligo : Safe Wash : Etching Ink : 300g Cartridge : Process Blue (Cyan)

SKU: RCE30024911




For printmakers interested in non-toxic printmaking, Caligo Safe Wash Etching Inks are an innovative range of oil-based inks that can be washed away with liquid soap and water, without the need for harmful and often more expensive solvents. Safe Wash etching inks are suitable for all types of intaglio printing including etching, aquatint, and line engraving.

This range does not contain any driers. If you require faster drying rates a small amount of cobalt or manganese driers can be added.

HDPE recyclable plastic cartridges offer a zero-waste option to prolong the shelf life of your ink and avoid contamination. Designed to be used with a caulking gun, alternatively called a sealant or cartridge gun, once the ink is completely removed, the container can be easily recycled.

TOP TIP- once you have squeezed out enough ink, release the spring at the back of the caulking gun to stop the ink flowing.


Product CodeRCE30024911
To Use WithPrintmaking, Etching
Size300 g
Country of ManufactureUnited Kingdom
Colour NameProcess Blue (Cyan)
Weight (kg)0.342000


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