Crescent Art Board : Illustration Student Medium Texture : Sheets


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  • Available in 15 x 20in and 20 x 30in
SKU Size Texture Price 
1 || PCAB163 15 x 20 in Cold Pressed / Not $2.60
1 || PCAB166 20 x 30 in Cold Pressed / Not $4.90
1 || PCAB203 15 x 20 in Hot Pressed $2.60
1 || PCAB206 20 x 30 in Hot Pressed $4.90


Crescent Professional Grade Cold Press (NOT) Illustration Boards have a textured surface designed primarily for pencil, pastel, ink, airbrush, washes, light collage and wet media. The textured surface of a cold press board permits the medium to be applied without fast absorption, which in turn allows the washes to blend smoothly. Made of 100% cotton fibre acid-free paper on a high quality board to create a balanced tension that prevents warping.

Crescent Student Grade Illustration Board is an economical board, available in two surfaces. The Hot Press smooth surface is suited for pen, pencil and ink. Cold Press (NOT) is ideal for a broad range of media, including pastel and light collage.


Product CodeP-CRESCIS
To Use WithPencil & Drawing
Surface : ColourCream
Surface : TypeBoard / Panel
Surface : SurfaceHot Pressed
Surface TextureSmooth / Hot Press


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