Da Vinci : Natural Striping Brushes : 700 / 707 / 708


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A range of high quality natural hair striping brushes for lining, striping, and marbling techniques. These include dagger brushes, scroll stripers, and extra long stripers.


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  • Series 700 / 707 / 709
  • Excellent quality
  • Squirrel hair / Ox hair
  • Very soft hair
  • Made in Germany
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SKU Size Shape Series Price 
1 || BV7002 # 2 N/A 700 $45.00
1 || BV7000 # 0 N/A 700 $38.00
1 || BV7003 # 3 N/A 700 $49.00
1 || BV7001 # 1 N/A 700 $42.00
1 || BV7004 # 4 N/A 700 $54.00


The Da Vinci Kazan Squirrel Hair Dagger Striper Series 700 is made with the highest quality, 100% pure Kazan squirrel hair, the best hair for this type of brush. The hairs are held in place by a brass ferrule on a traditional short handle. Its name derives from the fact that the hair setting resembles a dagger or sword. The traditional dagger shape is the best shape for freehand lining, pinstriping and faux marble veining techniques. The brush will hold its shape flawlessly for long, clean lines and is ideal for watercolorists. Five sizes available.

The Da Vinci Ox Hair Scroll Striper Series 708 enables artists to paint extra long strokes, as well as long and small decorative lines, without stopping. Ideal for scroll striping or script lettering. One size available.

Da Vinci's Extra Long Striper Brush Series 707 enables artists to paint extra long strokes, as well as long and small decorative lines, without having to interrupt the brushstroke. Made with pure Kazan squirrel hair. One size available.

Series Info:
Series 700 - Dagger - Perfect for freehand lining, pinstriping, and faux marble veining techniques
Series 707 - Pointed Extra Long - Ideal for long, flowing strokes or decorative linework
Series 708 - Square Edged Scroll - Continuous extra long strokes and decorative lines


Product CodeP-DAVNSB
To Use WithWatercolor, Gouache, Ink
VeganNon Vegan
Handle LengthShort
More Brush ShapesLiner, Other Shapes
Hair StiffnessVery Soft
TechniqueEffects, Lines, Stripes
More Brush ShapesSword/Dagger


(1 review)


good price,good product,delighted.


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