EC Lyons : Angle Shaft Small Roulette : 65 Dot




  • EC Lyons Roulette wheel with angled shaft and wooden handle.
  • 65 dots per inch medium
  • Drum Dimensions: 3/32in. / 3mm diameter 3/32in. / 3mm width


E.C. Lyons Roulettes are made in the US, and are recognised across the world as the finest roulettes available. Designed to be used in intaglio printmaking processes the rotating drum at the head of the tool will stipple the plate surface with dots or lines. These small impressions will hold ink and appear darker in the finished print. They can be used for mark making in their own right or for making corrections to areas of tone on the plate.

They range from coarse at 45 dots per inch to fine at 100 dots per inch.


Product CodeRACL9S65
Weight (kg)0.018000


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