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The Etchr Art Satchel is a multi-purpose art bag to suit all needs, including both digital and physical artists.
  • The Etchr Art Satchel is a multi-purpose art bag to suit all needs, including both digital and physical artists.
  • Designed with artists in mind
  • Can be used while seated or standing
  • Different carrying methods mean it can be suited for long plein air walks or busy urban enviroments


The Etchr Art Satchel is an art bag to suit every need. Built to carry your art gear wherever you may venture, the Art Satchel is in an expandable, weather proof system designed to adapt to your needs. Suitable for both left and right handed artists, this bag is designed with artists in mind.

The Etchr Art Satchel is designed to be used while seated or standing and can be used for both digital and physical media. The Etchr Satchel easily connects to any photography tripod, allowing for stability and the possibilty to expand your plein air set up. The unique design allows you to configure it to suit your needs, meaning you can prioritise the location of your brushes, paints or pencils for easy access. The Art Satchel has a carry method for situation and allows you to keep your tools where you need them and store them securely.

  • Lays flat
  • External zippered pocket for sketchbook or small panel - 25.2 cm x 17 cm
  • External pouch with metal fasteners, separate zippered section underneath. Zippered panel could hold up to 10 24 cm brushes. Zippered section underneath has two mesh pockets, 7 pouches of various sizes. Suitable for stationary, paints, pans, sketchbook or panel. Maximum pouch size 30 cm x 24 cm.
  • Removable Tripod mount in zippered pouch
  • 8 square velcro straps - perfect for securing a sketchbook, panel or tablet
  • 2 long straps, each with 10 separate sections - perfect for storing pens, pencils, tubes or brushes
  • 2 square velcro straps with elastic - used to secure and hold down a sketchbook
  • Large pouch for tablet or panel - 30 cm x 24 cm
  • Comfortable shoulder strap

Dimensions: 41 cm x 31 x 10 cm
Working Area: 33 cm x 25.2 cm


Product CodeDETCAS
To Use WithGeneral
LocationPlein Air
Weight (kg)2.635000


(1 review)


This is my favorite Etchr way to securely carry watercolor and sketching supplies. I originally tried the Etchr Satchel and it was much too bulky and heavy. Etchr's Field Case is really nice but extremely compact with no room for a sketchbook or paper, so it's very limited. The Slate Mini is the perfect size for a day's worth of supplies for plein air painting and field sketching, yet it's still lightweight and compact enough to tuck into a backpack for longer journeys. I subtracted a star because for the size, it's still rather weighty but it's slim so the weight isn't super noticeable unless I overpack it. Absolutely love it along with Jackson's awesome pricing!


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