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47 colors available in 38ml and 3 colors are also available in 56ml.
  • 47 colors available in 38ml and 3 colors are also available in 56ml.
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Isaro paints are handmade by Isabelle Roelofs in Belgium. She is one of the few, if not only, color women. Her knowledge and expertise comes partially from her family: her Great-Grandfather was a color maker as was her father, who helped her set up Isaro 10 years ago. The Isaro oil paints, which are beautifully packaged, are all made from carefully selected, lightfast pigments and are on par with the other professional oil paints available on the current market.

Isabelle has a deep passion for coloring making; when selecting pigments she chooses from both classical pigments (cadmium, cobalt, iron oxide ...) and modern pigments (quinacridones, dioxazine, DPP ...) as well as the historical pigments (cochineal, indigo, smalt, azurite,…) to produce these stunning and reliable oil paints with an excellent lightfastness. She also makes Lutea watercolors, which are available on our website here.

All the oil colors in the Isaro range are crushed with pure linseed oil because of it’s potential for high saturation and because it produces a protective film (linoxyn) which is very resistant. Linseed oil sometimes yellows, however this photosensitivity is caused by its high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids which is what makes it an excellent drying agent and thus cannot be avoided.

Isaro deals directly with the pigment manufacturers and requires information on all the characteristics of each selected pigment before she purchases them.

Isaro oil paints come in 47 colors in 38ml tubes with Titanium White, Zinc White and Antique White available in 56ml tubes.


Product CodeP-ISAROO
To Use WithOil
Size38 ml
Colour LightfastExcellent


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