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75+ colors available in 7ml tubes.
  • 75+ colors available in 7ml tubes.
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Isaro watercolors have been carefully crafted so that they have a maximum transparency, allowing beautiful layering and luminosity. Handmade in an atelier in Belgium by a color woman; only top quality gum arabic and well selected pigments are used in the making of Isaro watercolors.

Since gum arabic varies in color from very pale yellow to dark brown and the gum darkens on contact with the tannin in acacia bark, Isaro has selected the best acacia gum that when dissolved in water gives a clear solution. This maintains the purity and luminosity of the pigments. Glycerine and honey are also used in very precise amounts to enable the paint to remain supple. An interesting fact is that a single-flower honey is chosen, the honey of acacia, so that the honey is also incredibly clear.

Isaro watercolors are an investment that will enable you to create a range of opacity with vivid, pure color that can cover a large surface with minimal paint as this paint is so highly pigmented.

The 75+ colors are available in 7ml tubes.


Product CodeP-ISAROW
To Use WithWatercolor
Size7 ml

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(1 review)

Love this hue, great granulation.

I purchased the initial promotional set and am very impressed by the characteristics of these pigments, I am in the process of obtaining more to build a set that works for me.

Jan Hogan

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