Jackson's : Plein Air Canvas Board Carriers


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Wet canvas boards can be safely transported and stored while they dry with these specially designed lightweight carriers.

  • Excellent quality
  • Ash wood and moisture-resistant board
  • Double-sided for two canvas boards
  • Made in the UK


The Jackson’s Plein Air Canvas Board Carrier can be used to transport wet canvas boards safely and store them while they are drying.

Made from ash wood, the carrier has a slim lightweight design with a detachable carry strap, ideal for plein air expeditions.

Designed around our Handmade Board Range, the carrier will accommodate two canvas boards of 3 to 4mm thickness. Spring clips are incorporated to keep the boards securely in place, while the chamfered inside lip provides as little contact with the carrier as possible. The built-in backing board is moisture-resistant.

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Product CodeP-FJPCBC
LocationPlein Air


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