Koh-I-Noor : Gioconda 8829 : Soft Artist Pastel Pencils : Set of 48

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Gioconda Soft Pastel Pencils have a soft creamy feel and do not produce dust like ordinary pastels. Thanks to large lead diameter these pencils are capable of achieving a wide range of marks. The California cedar wood casings sharpen crisply and provide a comfortable grip. All Gioconda colors have an excellent light permanency and durability.

These pencils are made of a volcanic glass mineral base called pemza. Clear micro-granulated natural materials like kaolin, carbonate of calcium and binders are also added. Made using the same ingredients as Koh-I-Noor Toison d’Or 8580 chalks.

Contents Include:

48 x Assorted Colored Pencils

1 x Zinc White, 1 x Chrome Yellow, 1 x Gold Ochre, 1 x Old Rose, 1 x Carmine, 1 x Violet, 1 x Light Permanent Green, 1 x Dark Permanent Green, 1 x Azure Blue, 1 x Medium Ultramarine, 1 x Light Caput Mortuum, 1 x Ivory Black, 1 x Zinc Yellow, 1 x Light Ochre, 1 x Rose, 1 x Chromoxide Fire, 1 x Grey Metal, 1 x Parisien Blue, 1 x Bluish Violet, 1 x Vermilion Light, 1 x Naples Yellow, 1 x Light Orange, 1 x Indian Red, 1 x Olive Green, 1 x Berlin Blue, 1 x Ice Blue, 1 x Flesh, 1 x Caput Mortuum Dark, 1 x Hooker's Green, 1 x Rose Kraplak, 1 x Pearl Grey, 1 x Violet Red, 1 x Light Grey, 1 x Lemon Yellow, 1 x Grass Green, 1 x Chromoxid Green, 1 x Light Olive Green, 1 x Dark Orange, 1 x Light Ultramarine, 1 x Dark Ultramarine, 1 x Van Dyck Brown, 1 x Mouse Grey, 1 x Fawn, 1 x Natural Sienne, 1 x Reddish Vermilion, 1 x Cobalt Blue, 1 x English Red, 1 x Sienne Burnt.


Product CodeGKGP48S
To Use WithPastel, Pencil & Drawing
Sets & PacksSet
Country of ManufactureCzechia
Colour LightfastN/A
Weight (kg)0.488000

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