Lascaux : Studio Bronze : 85ml : Copper

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Lascaux Studio Original is a universal acrylic paint for use in art, design and decoration. A time - honoured
color of supreme quality, it is highly versatile and suitable for all painting techniques. The Studio Original
Color range now consists of 50 tones in addition to 8 luminous bronze colors prepared from pure metallic bronzes.

• highly pigmented
• lightfast, non-ageing and non-yellowing
• optimally weather-resistant
• water-resistant when dry
• very good coating flexibility
• minimal color difference when wet or dry
• gloss level: semi-gloss and uniform
• consistency: viscous, smooth and soft
• opacity: the uniform covering power is ideal for effortless creation of monochrome surfaces
• working properties: good coatability and consistent luminosity with maximum coverage
• optimal adhesion: to practically any fat-free surface
• usage: extremely concentrated and high-yielding

• for art, design and decoration
• for all painting techniques (including airbrush and screen printing)
• ideal for murals and large surfaces

Lascaux Studio Original can be applied with all painting tools either directly from the bottle or diluted with water (20%). The result is a firm elastic color, which can be painted over in optional layers, whereupon the tone remains unchanged.

According to the absorption level and texture desired, we offer corresponding products for rigid and flexible
base coats (Lascaux Primer and Modelling Pastes).

In combination with Lascaux painting mediums, Lascaux Studio Original can be harmonised to suit any painting technique: from deep matt to very glossy glazes, from velvety surfaces to textured impastos.

All acrylic works can be lastingly protected with Lascaux Transparent Varnishes and are subsequently easy to clean. A transparent varnish with an UV-absorber is available for outdoor applications.

Lascaux Studio Original consists of lightfast pigments and selected pure acrylics.


Product CodeALS85994
Size85 ml
Colour NameCopper
Weight (kg)0.130000


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