Lascaux : Transparent Varnish 2 : 1 Litre : Matt

SKU: ALM1L2061




This transparent varnish which can be diluted with water is a multipurpose painting aid. The gloss and matt types can be mixed with each other to obtain the desired degree of gloss.

The varnish can be used in the following ways:

* As a varnish, to ensure greater stability against weather, soiling and mechanical stress. It increases the brilliancy of acrylic colors. Lascaux Acrylic Transparent Varnish dries to a hard film and is therefore suitable for varnishing rigid supports. On flexible supports, Lascaux Medium is recommended as a final varnish.

*To strengthen acrylic colors (by mixing) or improve their adhesiveness and hardness; to increase their resistance to mechanical stress (particularly objects for everyday use, such as toys, furniture, painted household goods, etc.).

* As a colorless or lightly tinted layer for supports of uneven absorbency; as priming coat (bonding primer) on synthetic materials to improve the adhesion of subsequent coats of acrylic colors.

* As a colorless sealer for wood.


Product CodeALM1L2061
Size1000 ml
Mediums : GlossMatte
Hazardous TypeLiquid 1000ml+
Weight (kg)1.122000


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