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5 mediums available in 40ml and 75ml.
  • 5 mediums available in 40ml and 75ml.
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1 || OMMP40700 40 ml $9.60
1 || OMMP75706 75 ml $13.00
1 || OMMP40703 40 ml $9.60
1 || OMMP75704 75 ml $13.00


Maimeri offer a number of mediums which will enhance your oil painting practice. These mediums are especially useful when needing to thin colors down, emphasize the undertone of tints or speed the drying time of oil colors. Other mediums will help to soften and make more fluid oil colors, while some are ideal for creating thin transparent glazes of oil paint. Regardless of which medium you decide to use, they do not effect the cleanness and clarity of the color.

These mediums are suitable for use with Maimeri Puro oil paints, as well as other oil paints. For more information on oil paint mediums, read our blog post here.


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