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Not quite a brush. Not quite a palette knife. Catalyst tools are crafted from flexible silicone to allow artists a new form of expression. Catalyst Blades are mounted on artist brush handles offering a blend of tradition and innovation.

Designed for use with heavy-bodied paints, Catalyst is at home with oils, acrylics, and water-miscible oils. Because they are heat-resistant, they excel with encaustics. Artists are using them with plaster, clay, and even frosting. Made of FDA-approved silicone, Catalyst Blades are even great for food crafting.

Clean-up is a breeze, the silicone is easy to wipe clean and is solvent resistant. Clean up in most cases can be done with mild soap and water. Catalyst blades can even be separated from their wood handles for cleaning and easily replaced when dry. Dried paint can be peeled off the silicone surface.

Mini-Blades - Catalyst Mini-Blades are indispensable in your creative workow. Like their larger counterparts, Catalyst Blades, Mini-Blades can be separated from their shorter handles for more thorough cleaning.

Size: 1

Length: 48mm

Width: 37mm


Product CodeBPRCM1
Size ## 1
Weight (kg)0.022000

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Ideal for new starters to calalyst blades. Good quality and easy to use


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