Roberson : Maroger Medium


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Available in 38 ml & 120 ml.
  • Available in 38ml and 120ml
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1 || MRM38 38 ml $18.20
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Mastic resin/gum arabic/linseed oil. Mixed in equal parts with oil colors gives a lasting brilliance to colors. Produces a workable consistency and prevents the sinking of colors when using a wet in wet technique. Maroger is an oil varnish painting medium discovered by Jacques Maroger, painter and former curator of the Louvre in the early 20th Century, who claimed to have found the secret formulas used by Old Masters. This medium comes in the form of a soft jelly, and is used for its great versatility in oil painting.


Product CodeP-ROBMAG
To Use WithOil
Mediums : ViscosityMedium
Mediums : TransparencyTransparent
Mediums : GlossGloss


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