Rohrer & Klingner : Calligraphy Ink : 50ml


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Brilliant, lightfast calligraphy inks ideal for drawing, calligraphy, and wet-on-wet watercolour techniques.

  • 24 colours available
  • Excellent quality
  • Made with acrylic resin and pigmented colourants
  • Lightfast
  • Made in Germany
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Rohrer & Klingner pigmented calligraphy ink is produced with modern raw materials, namely acrylic resin and highly pigmented colourants. The resin is translucent and resistant against amber discolouration and age. The inks have been formulated with carefully chosen pigments to ensure maximum brilliance of colour and excellent lightfastness.

The 24 classical and modern colours are ideal for drawing, calligraphy, and wet-on-wet watercolour painting. Suitable for brush, dip pen, technical drawing pens greater than 0.35mm, and airbrush.


Product CodeP-GKRC
To Use WithInk, Calligraphy
Size50 ml
Quantity : PackSingle


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