Schmincke : Horadam Watercolor Paint : Metal Set : 24 Half Pans

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This set of 24 Half Pans is excellent value for money and perfect for beginner or experienced watercolorists.
  • This set of 24 Half Pans is excellent value for money and perfect for beginner or experienced watercolorists.
  • Bound with Kordofan Gum Arabic
  • Great resolubility
  • Wide selection of popular colours


To achieve the outstanding characteristics, like reusable paint when dried on a palette and the high control of paint flow even on soft water-color papers Schmincke only use the best raw materials. In its coloristic appearance the total assortment is particularly harmonious, balanced and complete.

One main ingredient of the water-color binding medium is Kordofan Gum Arabic from the southern Sahara region. Like most natural products this traditional water-color binding medium differs from year to year. Therefore Schmincke is testing Gum Arabic every time before purchase and selects only the best crop of the respective year. This adds small but significant quality advantages. Other formula ingredients are selected equally carefully and of course are integrated in each formula in an individual optimised way to obtain a harmonious assortment, that can be easily picked up by the brush.

Another traditional quality criterion is the re-usability of the Horadam Aquarell water-colors while using the same formulation for tubes and pans. Both properties, the reusability and the control of the paint flow can only be achieved by pouring water-colors into pans in a liquid state, which is really unique.

Contents Include:

24 x Schmincke Horadam Watercolor Half Pans

1 x 661 Burnt Sienna

1 x 215 Lemon Yellow

1 x 352 Magenta

1 x 224 Cadmium Yellow Light

1 x 474 Manganese Violet

1 x 481 Cerulean Blue Tone

1 x 524 May Green

1 x 229 Naples Yellow 213 Chrome Yellow Deep (No Lead)

1 x 353 Permanent Carmine

1 x 533 Cobalt Green Dark

1 x 534 Permanent Green Olive

1 x 519 Phthalo Green

1 x 649 English Venetian Red

1 x 492 Prussian Blue

1 x 475 Helio Turquoise

1 x 663 Sepia Brown

1 x 485 Indigo

1 x 494 Ultramarine Finest

1 x 780 Ivory Black

1 x 655 Yellow Ochre

1 x 214 Chromium Orange Hue (Chrome Orange)

1 x 349 Cadmium Red Light

1 x 366 Perylene Maroon (Deep Red)


Product CodeWSS24H
To Use WithWatercolor
SizeHalf Pan
Sets & PacksSet
Country of ManufactureGermany
TransparencyRefer to single colours
Colour LightfastRefer to single colors

Reviews 3

(3 reviews)


This half pan set is gorgeous. No more razor sharp edges, and the poured pans are simply divine. The paints flow beautifully and rewet easily. I live in the U.S. and shipping was about two weeks! Wonderful customer service. Thank you Jackson's!



Beautiful paints. Highly pigmented. Enjoying learning how they work



Beautiful, vibrant pigmented paints at a very good price. Love the quality of the tin box the paints come in; doesn't stain. I will definitely order this box again from Jacksons. Great customer service, thank you.


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