Schmincke : Norma Blue : Water Mixable Oil Paint


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Schmincke Norma Blue are a high quality water-mixable oil color range offering vibrant hues and exceptional pigment concentration. These eco-friendly oils clean up with water.

  • 48 colors available
  • Professional quality
  • Made with vegetable oils and pigments
  • Vegan
  • Made in Germany
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Schmincke Norma Blue Water-mixable Oils are a professional range of water-mixable oils that offer the same quality and texture as traditional oil paint but without the need for solvents. Developed in line with the high standards of Norma traditional oils, they have a rich, buttery consistency and are highly pigmented with a lightfast rating of 4 to 5 across the range.

Norma Blue oils are almost odourless for a safe studio environment and ideal for artists seeking a versatile, non-toxic, and eco-friendly oil paint. The range is also vegan-friendly and formulated exclusively with high quality vegetable oils with no use of Cobalt, Cadmium, or Zinc Oxide pigments.

The range of 48 brilliant colors can be used straight from the tube, thinned with water, or modified with water-mixable oil mediums. Paints, brushes, spatulas, and palettes are easily cleaned with water and a little soap.


Product CodeP-OSNB
To Use WithWatermixable Oil
Country of ManufactureGermany
TransparencyRefer to single colours
Colour LightfastRefer to single colors


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