Schmincke : Soft Pastel : Wooden Presentation Case Set of 400

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Schmincke soft pastels contain the finest artists' pigments in the highest concentration using a minimum of binders. The extreme softness and color strength of Schmincke pastels demand a very traditional forming process; the Pastels are so soft they must be labelled individually, by hand!

The full Schmincke pastel color range includes 400 tones classified in 75 color rows plus a range of neutral greys, extra dark colors, pearl lustre and metallic colors. Each of the 75 color rows contain five pastels which are all variations on a pigment color: one pure pigment pastel, one with added black, and three with increasing amounts of white added to lighten the color. This gives a great color spectrum and allows you to work with total freedom, knowing you have the right pastel for the job.

This set contains the complete assortment of 400 pastels. The pastels are arranged by color in four removable wooden trays. These trays slot into the splendid presentation case, which is made of stained walnut. This case would make a stunning gift for any pastel artist.


Product CodeTSS400
To Use WithPastel
VeganNon Vegan
Country of ManufactureGermany
Colour LightfastN/A
Weight (kg)16.067000

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(3 reviews)


Box arrived with a partially sprung joint fortunately judicious application of wood glue and a mallet e fixed things - worth noting that the corners, while jointed, are not dovetailed so could pull out with vertial pressure - as when using the rigid carrying handle I have applied each of these sticks to the provided swatch sheets provided (great idea by the way) but what this does do is emphasise the very close similarity of some of thecolours - in my view particualrly the "mossy green" end of the spectrum - not one I use much I admit. Disappointing that the duplication could have been served, in my opinion, by additional dark greens and perhaps some more deep yellows. There is considerable near duplication in the earths but that is a bit less of an issue for me. Having said that the textures are lovely the blues, reds, neutrals and earths are excellent (and I am being picky on the deep yellows). I will really enjoy using this set but my guess is there will be mossy greens left over when I am in my own box. A fair price from Jacksons for a very substantial product and I appreciate others may love the green palette



This set is absolutely wonderful and Jackson's offered a very good deal. The only drawback is that this range is missing super bright greens as well as very dark colours such as tinted blacks (again, the dark greens are also quite deficient in this range). Yet, this is my favourite soft pastel brand and the product is so good it deserves 5 stars.

Nelson Ferreira


I purchased this set as a retirement present for myself - a once-in-a-lifetime treat indeed. I have been painting with pastels for many years and couldn't resist this wonderful box of 400 soft sticks. They are great on pastel paper (not too grainy a texture as they are very soft indeed, and I don't want more to end up on the floor than on the painting!!) or on Pastelmat board. Schmincke have an interesting way of organising their pastels into groups of five in this set. Instead of the usual first stick of pure pigment followed by increasing amounts of white, these begin with a pigment + black; sometimes this gives a quite unexpected colour, particularly with the yellows. Still, the pure pigments are absolutely magnificent - some of the whiter shades have been given a low lightfastness rating (* on a * to ***** rating); I find this hard to believe, as pastels are known to be the most lightfast of all media! All in all, a great set. Rather expensive, but Jackson's have offered a good deal; and quality has to be paid for!


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