Sennelier : Egg Tempera Paint : 21ml : Permanent Green





Sennelier uses the same premium quality pigments in this line of egg tempera as they do in their oil paints, assuring the same unequaled vibrancy and brilliance as in the Sennelier oils. It is bound with an centuries old egg emulsion recipe, giving a satin-matt finish that is water resistant when dry. Sennelier egg tempera have working qualities and a finish that are only found in authentic egg tempera made in this traditional manner. These delicate colors hold their brush strokes, and do not change when dry. They can be worked with a brush or a palette knife (diluted with water) on non-greasy supports like acrylic primed canvas or paper. Preliminary sketches can be drawn on canvases, followed by oil paints. Pronounced impasto techniques are not recommended for egg tempera.

Varnished egg tempera paintings look like oil paintings when varnished. It is recommended to give a finished egg tempera painting a coating of charcoal or pastel fixative before applying a final oil paint picture varnish.

Number: 845
Lightfastness: Excellent
Opacity: Semi-Opaque
Pigments: PG7 PY3 PY1


Product CodeETS845
To Use WithGouache, Tempera
Size21 ml
Country of ManufactureFrance
Colour NamePermanent Green
Pigment IndexPG7, PY1, PY3
Colour LightfastExcellent
Weight (kg)0.038000


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