Studio Essentials : Empty Aluminium Paint Tube : 60ml : Pack of 10

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Jackson’s Empty Paint Tubes can be bought singly or in packs of 10. They are easy to use and are suitable for artists who wish to make their own paint from dry pigment or to prepare tubes of their most frequently-used mixes for ease of use in the studio or on location.

These tubes measure 14.5cm, 1.5cm of which is the shoulder and the screw cap. They are fitted with screw caps that fit well and form a secure seal. The capacity of each tube is 60ml after the bottom has been folded over a few times. The inside of the tube bears a robust coating of epoxy resin to prevent any corrosion or reaction with the paint.

The aluminium is very pliable and can be securely folded with a metal ruler and a pair of pliers. Simply pinch the tube at the point where the paint stops and then flatten it from there. Using the metal ruler fold a few mm of the tube over and squeeze it flat with the ruler or the pliers. Repeat this for 3 folds then give a final crimp to the closure with the pliers


Product CodeAJT60/10
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(1 review)


Excellent quality. Caps look robust as well, which is important. It's a shame there isn't a bigger version, but you can always use 2, however that does mean there is a little more waste.


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