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Tri-Art Crackle Ground is medium to make cracked surfaces for acrylic painting applications.

Crackle Ground is easy to apply and manipulate. It can be poured and spread to achieve hairline or thick cracks, depending on how thick it is applied. Thin applications will result in finer lines. Thicker applications will develop wider cracks. Rigid surfaces are recommended for thicker applications to avoid sagging.

Its thin consistency makes it flow on the surface by tilting or by spreading with a palette knife. The direction and firmness of spreading the medium will effect the pattern of the cracked formations. The best surfaces are primed surfaces with a slight tooth. It is also suitable for application onto painted areas within an artwork.

Drying time: Thin applications will be cracked and touch dry in 3-4 hours. Thicker applications can be between 12-24 hours, depending on humidity and climatic conditions.

Mixing with colours: May be tinted 5-10% with colour prior to applying. The percentage depends on the colour's acrylic and ingredient content. The higher the quantity the more diminished the crackle effects.

Finishing: If applied very thick, areas may require extra support with a protective finishing medium. Thinner applications will not require additional adhesion support.

Surfaces may be enhanced once dry with paint or other media and techniques such as glazing, washes, dry brush, marker, pastel, graphite etc. Artists should always test their methods and materials prior to applying to a final piece of artwork to ensure desired effects.


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