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Economical and environmentally friendly alternative to a neutral ground or acrylic colour.
  • Economical and environmentally friendly alternative to a neutral ground or acrylic colour.


Sludge is an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to a neutral ground and neutral colour. It is a by-product of their acrylic paint manufacturing - it is a combination of the solids from Tri-Art's wash water, which has then been re-processed into thick and thin acrylic paint formats. By producing Sludge, Tri-Art are able to keep 100% of the water used in cleaning out of the local sewage system.

Sludge can be used in the place of gesso when a muted base is desired. It is semi-opaque and although grey in tone, it can be used in small quantities as an opacifier or medium toned colour extender.

There is a small quantity of solid matter in Sludge, giving it a light tooth that makes it a suitable ground for mixed media applications. As this is paint made with 100% acrylic emulsion, it is comparable in character to other acrylics. It is highly adhesive to a variety of surfaces, dries to a water resistant, semi-gloss finish and can be easily applied with painting tools.

The waste solids are made up primarily of assorted pigments, additives (such as calcium carbonate, coloured Mylar and matting agents) and dried acrylic particulate. These act as the colorant in this product. Sludge has the same handling qualities as regular acrylic paints and can be used as a paint, primer or paint medium.

Please note: no two batches are alike, therefore Tri-Art do not assign a colour name. Instead they refer to each edition by their Batch #.

Sludge is available as a Gesso and in Thick and Thin formats.


Product CodeATMSTK500
To Use WithAcrylic
Size500 ml
Colour NameThick
Weight (kg)0.610000
Country of ManufactureUnited Kingdom
Hazardous TypeLiquid 251-999ml

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(1 review)


In love with this product and the color! I use it in my art almost daily in some way as well as their gesso. I will forever be buying this product.


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