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Uni Posca water-based pigment markers produce opaque, vibrant color and will on write on virtually any surface: paper, cardboard, tracing paper, rock, clay, cement, plastic, metal, wood, fabric, glass, canvas and more. The paint dries very quickly, especially on porous surfaces; simply wait a few minutes and the paint will be dry. Posca paint is permanent on porous surfaces, and removable on non-porous surfaces such as glass. This makes them perfect for temporary signage and window art.

These markers are odourless, alcohol- and solvent-free, and suitable for indoor or outdoor use. They are widely used within the artistic community for sketching out large projects (such as murals) and even signing finished work. Before use, please shake the marker vigorously with the cap securely attached in order to move the mixing ball within the barrel. This will ensure that the paint is homogeneous and that the pigments are fully suspended. On a test sheet, press down the tip several times to start the paint flowing.

Posca paint is opaque and fluid. It gives easy coverage and yet is bleed-resistant when used on paper. While the paint is wet, other Posca colors can be applied and blended on the surface, or water applied for a diluted watercolor-style wash effect. Once dry, the paint is waterproof, lightfast and non-bleed; it is possible to draw on top of previous layers to build up designs or correct errors. Light colors are just as opaque as the dark colors, and can be used to add overlaid highlights.

The PCF-350

The PCF-350 has a brush tip which can be used for fine detail or bold marking in any artistic situation. The paint is opaque and will permanently mark plastic, paper, glass and fabric; a push button lets you regulate the flow of paint. The tip can leave marks of any width from 1-10mm, depending on the pressure used.

Posca markers are available with a wide range of other tip shapes and sizes. All of these tips can be rinsed with water and some are reversible or replaceable. In addition to the PC-8K, markers are available in the following sizes:

  • Posca PC-1MR, which has an Ultra Fine Pin Tip
  • Posca PC-1M, which has an 0.7mm Extra-Fine Bullet Tip
  • Posca PC-3M, which has a 0.9 - 1.3mm Fine Bullet Tip
  • Posca PC-5M, which has a 1.8 - 2.5mm Medium Bullet Tip
  • Posca PC-8K, which has an 8mm Chisel Tip
  • Posca PC-17K, which has an Extra Broad Chisel Tip

Using Posca Markers on ceramic

Posca pens are suitable for creative works on ceramic/porcelain. Once baked in the oven, they will become permanent. If you want to keep a Posca artwork made in ceramic or porcelain, it is recommended that you use a matte lacquer hair spray or slow cooking up to 120 °. Wash in cold water only.


Product CodeP-UNIPCF-350
To Use WithAcrylic, Pens, Glass Painting, Mixed Media
Quantity : PackSingle
Nib SizeBrush


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