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Viarco has been making quality pencils in Portugal since 1907 and honour this rich history by focusing on simplicity as part of its identity. Their leadership has a strong focus on unique and bold creative designs, both in pencils and packaging. They often collaborate with local Portuguese designers, turning their historic pencil making facility into a hub of artisan culture in Portugal.

These sets provide a variety of solutions for different drawing techniques. Among them, you can find packs containing hexagonal HB pencils in a variety of colors as well as Viarco Copying Pencils. These are based on classic nineteenth-century copying pencils which used a permanent violet dye instead of a graphite core. The pencils and the packaging are all based on Viarco products from the 1950s and 1960s; they have a retro charm and would make a great gift for any pencil enthusiast or fine artist.


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