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Limited edition eco-friendly colours, made with reclaimed pigment from polluted waters of acid mine drainage.
  • Includes Gamblin Brown Ochre, Rust Red, and Iron Violet, plus a primed panel
  • Created in collaboration with artist John Sabraw and engineer Guy Riefler
  • Sustainably produced and packaged


Gamblin Reclaimed Earth Colours set is a unique and limited edition product - every pigment particle in these tubes has been painstakingly reclaimed from waters tainted by iron released from mines.

This oil paint set includes Brown Ochre, Rust Red, and Iron Violet. The set includes a primed panel, to be used as a painting surface. It is supplied in sustainable packaging with zero shrink wrap. The sleeve and insert part of the packaging is recyclable.

Created in collaboration with artist John Sabraw and engineer Guy Riefler, the purchase of this oil paint set supports a hard-working team of teachers and students making the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers healthier ecosystems.


  • Brown Ochre: Naturally opaque and warm with a golden undertone. Lightfastness II (Good)
  • Rust Red: In its transparency, it carries the warm colours of rusty water. From the tube and in mixtures, Gamblin Rust Red is exactly what you'd expect: an earthy red-orange. Lightfastness I (Excellent)
  • Iron Violet: We're betting this will be many artists' favourite Reclaimed colour. Meet the first mauve Gamblin has ever made. Straight from the tube, it's a deep, earthy violet. Add white and it becomes the violet you see in clouds at sunset or dawn. Lightfastness I (Excellent)

  • 1 x Pre-primed cradled panel, made from sustainably harvested North American birch wood.

Read more on our blog about Turning Pollution into Paint.


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TransparenceRefer to single colours
Solidité de la Couleur à la LumièreRefer to single colours
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