Sketching Pens

Steel reinforced nibs ensure that sketching pens can achieve a fine line while still being robust. Sketching pens tend to be available in broader sized nibs than technical pens. Ideal for pen and wash sketching.

A Guide to Sketching Pens

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Faber Castell : Ecco Pigment Sketching Pens : Black

Available in 5 line widths: 0.05mm, 0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm and 0.8mm

From $5.30

Uni : Pin : Waterproof Sketching Pens

Available in 3 colours and 9 nib sizes

From $4.00

Kuretake : Bimoji Fude Pens : Black Ink

Available in a range of nib sizes, from extra fine felt tip to broad brush tip

From $7.00

From $12.00

Derwent : Graphik Line Maker Pens

3 colours available in a range of nib sizes

From $4.50

Rotring : Tikky Graphic Fineliner Pigment Pens : Black

Available in an assortment of nib sizes and sets

From $6.30

ZIG : Mangaka Flexible

Black and Sepia available with Fine or Medium Nib

From $3.20