Stretched Canvas- Jackson's

Canvas tightly stretched over a purpose made frame in order to create a springy, vibrant surface on which to paint. Stretched, primed canvases of various depths are available, made from cotton or linen, offering a whole range of prices.

Guide to Stretched Canvas

249 Items

Jackson's : Premium Stretched Cotton Canvas : 10 oz

65 sizes from 8 x 10cm to 120 x 150cm, and 45 sizes from 3 x 4in to 47 x 47in

From $7.21

Jackson's : Studio : 17mm Cotton Stretched Canvas : 380gsm

19 sizes from 6 x 6in to 24 x 30in, and A4 to A2

From $4.90

Jackson's : Museum Stretched Canvas

12 sizes from 20 x 20cm to 50 x 60cm

From $33.70