ArtPakk : Smart Bag Artwork Storage & Protection


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Safely store and transport your work with these strong, reusable bags. Water-resistant exterior, with a soft, acid-free lining.

  • 10 sizes available
  • Excellent quality
  • Made with velcro and recyclable fabrics
  • Mildew and mould-repellent
  • Made in the UK


ArtPakk smART bags offer a new means of protecting vulnerable artworks. They are a strong and reusable solution for storing and transporting 2D works.

Moisture absorbent, mildew and mould repellent, chemical resistant, lined with acid free material and resealable with a velcro strip, smART bags are available in various sizes with dimensions of up to 200cm.

The sizes listed are actual measurements of the bags, so when choosing your size you will need to allow extra space for the depth of your artwork and any foam edges. We estimate that when filled with a canvas or frame you will need to take off roughly 10cm off the width and height.

Read our blog post comparison with Artpakk and Biyomap storage bags.

Please note, colours may vary.




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