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Blue Earth Pastels are made using lightfast, high density mineral pigments with a soft consistency and square shape. This exceptional range is organised by hue, value, and intensity.

  • 15+ sets available
  • Professional quality
  • Binder and fine pigments
  • High density formulation
  • Made in the US


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Blue Earth Pastels are available in boxed sets of 6, 12, 21 and 28 sticks. The 6 and 12 stick sampler boxes are an easy way for artists to test the unique feel and handling qualities of Blue Earth Pastels. The 21 stick sampler boxes feature the seven-tone structure that is common to all the Blue Earth colors. With seven tones it is possible for an artist to paint anything, even with a limited color range.

Of the large 28 stick boxes, six represent the primary colors (warm and cool) and four boxes are devoted to the secondary colors. Each contains the pure color hue represented in seven values from light to dark and twelve greyed variations. The remaining 28 stick boxes are composed of neutral colors.

The Blue Earth Pastels take a traditional approach to color theory and color wheel arrangement. The Blue Earth colors are organised in the nineteenth century manner: by hue, value and intensity. This sensible color wheel arrangement makes finding the right color with the correct value quick and easy.

Only lightfast, high density mineral pigments are used in the manufacture of Blue Earth Pastels. The pastels are almost square in shape and are on the very soft end of the hardness scale. Each stick has a number imprinted for easy identification. Blue Earth offer an impressive color selection, with new Turquoise, Nearly Neutral Warm and Nearly Neutral Cool lines recently added to the original color ranges.


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(1 review)

Some of the best

Pastel lovers know that Blue Earth are one of the softest, most sensuous, delicious pastels you can get. They are relatively small, rectangular, and they come as single sticks or in sets of clever colour selections. Try a small set. Like me, you’ll be back for more.


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