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95 colors available in 75ml tubes. Titanium White is available in a 500ml tube

  • 95 colors available in 75ml tubes. Titanium White is available in a 500ml tube
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Matisse Flow Formula acrylic colors are a vibrant and intense acrylic with a low-viscosity. They dry to a smooth finish with virtually no texture, making them ideal for creating blocks of flat color and for fine brushwork. All Matisse colors have been specifically formulated to ensure that they will not fade or degrade over time under normal conditions. Each color has had many years of testing and has been formulated to enable the optimum pigment load with a reliable consistency. The smooth, flowing finish of this paint can also be enhanced with the use of fine natural hair or soft synthetic hair brushes. They are well suited to mural work, acrylic canvas painting, geometrics, hard edge, photo-realism and fine detail brushwork.

Matisse Flow Formula acrylic colors are very versatile and can be used in a variety of techniques. Even watercolor techniques can be simulated quite easily. Matisse Flow Formula can also be used for airbrushing with the inclusion of specific mediums – see the airbrushing section of the technical guide, linked below.

Matisse Flow Formula is completely compatible with Matisse Mediums. Mixed with MM5 Matt Medium, Matisse Flow Formula is an excellent designer’s paint, ideal for flat areas of color and for work to be photographed. Both the Matisse Structure and Flow Formulas can be used together on the same painting for different effects. The color range for both formulas is identical. Matisse Flow Formula dries to a satin finish within minutes under normal conditions and does not need to be diluted.


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