Holbein : Duo Aqua : Watermixable Oil Paint : 50ml : Titanium White

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Holbein Duo-Aqua Oil is an artist quality watermixable oil paint made with water-soluble linseed oil. It has all of the handling characteristics of traditional oil paints but can be thinned or cleaned up with just water. These paints have a uniform drying time, and will hold brushmarks and dry to a lustrous sheen like traditional oils. Duo-Aqua is available in 83 colors, 75 of which offer optimum permanence. These 83 colors are free of pigments deriving from heavy metals; for painters who can't live without their Cadmiums and Cobalts, these colors are now available and are known as Duo-Aqua Elite colors. They have the same working properties as the original Duo-Aqua colors and are formulated in the same manner; the only difference is the pigments.

This is a 50ml tube of Holbein Duo Aqua Titanium White. The most popular white, Titanium White is inert and non-reactive under most ordinary conditions. It has greater opacity than lead or zinc but tends to yellow in the short term. It is slower drying than lead but faster than zinc. It handles and mixes well, and its surface qualities may be strengthened by mixture with zinc oxide which also helps reduce the sometimes too intense tinting power inherent in titanium pigment.

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Product CodeODU50461
To Use WithWatermixable Oil
Size50 ml
Country of ManufactureJapan
Colour NameTitanium White
Colour LightfastN/A
Weight (kg)0.120000

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Rich smooth paint, flows well



Brilliant range and easy to deal with.


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