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Excellent value and made with high quality ingredients, Jackson's Artist Watercolors are rich, luminous, intense and a pleasure to use.

  • 54 colors in 10ml, 21ml, Half Pan and Full Pan
  • Artist quality
  • Made with gum arabic, honey, purified water and artist pigment
  • Rich, luminous, and intense
  • Made in France
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Made to the exact same standards and formulas as the best professional artist watercolors available today, Jackson's Artist Watercolors are as good as any leading brand watercolor but at a fraction of the price.

Large chunks of the finest quality Sudanese Kordofan gum arabic are very slowly dissolved in cold water to preserve the gum's maximum binding strength. Honey is then added to give lustre and vivacity to the colors. Carefully selected for their purity and lightfast qualities, the finest pigments are then finely ground and soaked in purified water to allow the colors to develop their maximum splendour. The two mixtures are then blended together and slowly ground into a fine paste. The process is repeated until the pigment particles are dispersed evenly and finely to allow a flawless unity of the watercolor wash. Stringent quality controls follow, resulting in a selection of professional watercolors that are luminous, intense, and a pleasure to use.


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(2 reviews)


As I have progressed in my art and became more confident I started to try paint outside the student range after trying Jackson’s paint I found it good quality and easy to mix and value for money..



I originally received Jackson's watercolor paint when I purchased the Bronze Frazer box. You have the option of receiving with Jackson's half pans at a fraction of the cost. I thought, why not? After using the Frazer travel box, i found myself primarily reaching for these paints over the Mijello Mission Golds and Danel Smith paints that I also own. I thought this was interesting as these other paints are also good paints. Honestly, I am still not too sure. Might be the way the paint looks on paper, or the way it feels when mixing. Regardless, I decided to buy refills in tubes plus additional colors and the price is affordable. I have enjoyed painting with them and plan to continue to experiment with them. I don't think you will be disappointed by them either! I had these products shipped to Houston, TX. Jackson's takes extra care to package everything to prevent damage.


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