ShinHan : Professional Designers Gouache : 15ml : Set A of 24

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  • High precision colours produced with high-quality pigments
  • Water-soluble opaque paint with excellent covering power
  • Velvety matt surface
  • Excellent for artists, designers and illustrators


ShinHan Professional Designer Gouache provides rich colour and flows easily with excellent coverage. It contains high-quality refined pigments and purified gum arabic to produce highly saturated colours that are beautifully vibrant.

ShinHan Professional Designer Gouache has generally excellent lightfastness across the range and is available in 72 colours. The colours brush out smoothly and evenly. All of the colours dry within a few minutes.

The unique features of ShinHan Professional Designer Gouache allow artists to create beautiful blending and layering techniques. Being popular among designers, illustrators and artists, ShinHan Professional Designer Gouache offers unlimited colour blending possibilities.

Please note: Unlike traditional watercolour, when squeezed in a thick layer, dried gouache can crack.

Contains 24 x 15ml tubes: 002 004 008 020 022 026 030 045 047 049 060 064 080 083 096 101 115 123 125 132 139 141 151 162.


Product CodeWSNDGS24A
To Use WithGouache
Size15 ml
Weight (kg)0.844000

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(1 review)

I love this set!

This is a beautiful range of colors and the quality of the gouache is awesome! They mix together wonderfully. I have them in a large 48 pan palette, half watercolor the other half this set. They work great as watercolor and if you spray them with water a couple times to rewet them you get great opacity that you expect from gouache. This is a strict stay at home palette though as some colors once put into pans can dry out quite a bit and fall out. But no crumbles!


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