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A range of handmade fine linen boards that have been prepared with a clear glue size. Available in a choice of sizes.

  • Available in 6 sizes from 13 x 18cm to 40 x 50cm
  • Excellent quality
  • Fine linen, MDF board
  • Handmade, using the finest Italian linens
  • Made in the UK
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1 || CL696B1318 4 mm 13 x 18 cm 5,15 €
1 || CL696B1824 4 mm 18 x 24 cm 6,21 €
1 || CL696B2030 4 mm 20 x 30 cm 7,26 €
1 || CL696B2430 4 mm 24 x 30 cm 7,83 €
1 || CL696B3040 4 mm 30 x 40 cm 10,29 €
1 || CL696B4050 4 mm 40 x 50 cm 14,04 €


Artists who enjoy painting on ready-made painting boards and panels no longer need to compromise on the quality of the surface on which they paint. Jackson’s Handmade Linen Boards are made in-house, using the finest linens.

The linen is glued onto a sheet of MDF with PH Neutral adhesive which not only fixes the linen to the board, but also forms a sufficient barrier between the board and linen to protect the linen from any impurities. Each type of linen board is available in the following sizes: 13cm x 18cm, 18cm x 24cm, 20cm x 30cm, 24cm x 30cm, 30cm x 40cm, and 40cm x 50cm. These superior linen weaves will enhance your enjoyment and the appearance of your painting.

This canvas is stiffened and sealed with one coat of Rabbit Skin Glue, a water-based glue that is applied while hot. This half-prepared canvas saves the artist some trouble and still allows them to get the custom surface they want by applying their own gesso. The artist can finish the canvas by adding their own choice of primer to the surface: acrylic primer, clear acrylic medium, homemade genuine gesso or oil primer.

These boards are made with Belle Arti 696 Fine Linen. It is produced to the highest standards in Italy and each stage of its production is carefully monitored, right down to the purchase of the yarn.

Canvas: 100% Linen
Priming: Clear Sized with RSG
Texture: Fine Grain
Weight: 361gsm

Please note: You will need to apply an extra layer of size if you wish to apply oil primer or oil paint to the surface.


Product CodeP-JASCPLM696
Para Usar ConÓleo, Óleos Solubles Al Agua
Soporte : TipoPaneles / Planchas
Lienzo : MaterialLino
Surface : Depth4 mm
Lienzo : ImpregnaciónClear Glue Sized
Lienzo : SustratoMDF


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