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A range of handmade rough texture linen boards that have been prepared with a clear glue size. Available in a choice of sizes.

  • Available in 6 sizes from 13 x 18cm to 40 x 50cm
  • Excellent quality
  • Rough linen, MDF board
  • Handmade, using the finest Italian linens
  • Made in the UK
SKU Depth Size Precio 
1 || CL681B1318 4 mm 13 x 18 cm 5,15 €
1 || CL681B1824 4 mm 18 x 24 cm 6,21 €
1 || CL681B2030 4 mm 20 x 30 cm 7,26 €
1 || CL681B2430 4 mm 24 x 30 cm 7,83 €
1 || CL681B3040 4 mm 30 x 40 cm 10,29 €
1 || CL681B4050 4 mm 40 x 50 cm 14,04 €


Artists who enjoy painting on ready-made painting boards and panels no longer need to compromise on the quality of the surface on which they paint. Jackson’s Handmade Linen Boards are made in-house, using the finest linens. There are 7 varieties to choose from:

• CL540 – Extra Fine Oil Primed Linen
• CL536 – Medium Grain Oil Primed Linen
• CL574 – Extra Fine Universally Primed Linen
• CL535 – Fine Grain Universally Primed Linen
• CL565 – Rough Grain Universally Primed Jute
• CL696 – Fine Grain Clear Primed Linen
• CL681 – Rough Grain Clear Primed Linen

The linen is glued onto a sheet of MDF with PH Neutral adhesive which not only fixes the linen to the board but also forms a sufficient barrier between the board and linen to protect the linen from any impurities. Each type of linen board is available in the following sizes: 13cmx 18cm, 18cm x 24cm, 20cm x 30cm, 24cm x 30cm, 30cm x 40cm, and 40cm x 50cm. These superior linen weaves will enhance your enjoyment and the appearance of your painting. WARNING: Once you try painting on our Jackson’s Handmade linen boards you may find it difficult to revert to your regular art panels!

Please note: you will need to apply an extra layer of size if you wish to apply oil primer or oil paint to the surface.


Product CodeP-JASCPLM681
Para Usar ConÓleo, Acrílicos
Soporte : TipoPaneles / Planchas
Lienzo : MaterialLino
Surface : Depth4 mm
Lienzo : ImpregnaciónClear Glue Sized
Lienzo : SustratoMDF


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