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Black Velvet Voyage Travel Brushes offer unsurpassed quality and convenience in a watercolour brush. Made of 5 Diamond quality natural squirrel hair and a black synthetic mix, this soft blend allows multiple glazing layers without disturbing previous colours, yet the brush hairs are firm enough to lift colour with gentle scrubbing. These brushes hold lots of colour and release it with perfect control for watercolours, silk painting, inks, dyes, water acrylics and gouache.

Voyage brushes are specifically designed for plein air or travel painting and can easily fit in your pocket or case. For ease of transportation, the brush separates at the middle and the head can be tucked inside the handle for secure storage.


Product CodeP-BS3100ST
Brush Shape for Grid ViewRound
Brush : Series3100ST
Pincel : MangoViaje
Brush : General Hair TypeNatural/Sintético
Pincel: Forma GeneralRedondo


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