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Aquabord panels have similar texture and absorbency to cold pressed watercolour paper. The clay surface is highly versatile and allows colours to retain their purity and vibrancy.

  • Professional quality
  • Clay, hardboard, plywood
  • Suitable for watercolour, gouache, and acrylic
  • Made in the US
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1 || CAMA357 3 mm 5 x 7 in 5,09 €
1 || CAMA3810 3 mm 8 x 10 in 11,21 €
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1 || CAMA31216 3 mm 12 x 16 in 20,81 €
1 || CAMA31620 3 mm 16 x 20 in 30,64 €
1 || CAMA22810 22 mm 8 x 10 in 24,86 €
1 || CAMA221114 22 mm 11 x 14 in 38,16 €
1 || CAMA221216 22 mm 12 x 16 in 46,24 €
1 || CAMA221620 22 mm 16 x 20 in 61,29 €


Ampersand Museum Series Aquabord is an acid-free textured clay surface that absorbs watercolours like a fine paper. Colours retain their purity and vibrancy in a way that even the finest of watercolour papers can never match. When compared with watercolour paper, this multimedia panel simulates the absorbency and texture of a cold pressed surface, but allows colour to be lifted back to white easily while also leaving the richest, most vibrant colour possible. This workable surface provides natural looking highlights, fluid glazes, transparent subtle layers, and the ability to lift colour while the surface is wet or even after it is dry. Uniquely absorbent Aquabord is perfect for watercolours and gouache, but is also ideal for casein and acrylics. It will not tear, shrink or buckle even under heavy water application. Ampersand Aquabord is archival and eco-friendly. Seal finished watercolours or gouache with several light coats of spray varnish (or fixative), being careful to spray outdoors during warmer months or in a well ventilated and heated area during colder times of the year.

Aquabord is available in a 3mm flat panel for standard framing behind glass and in a 22mm cradle profile for either frameless presentation or for use with floater frames.

For best results, it’s a good idea to first “flush out” the surface of the panel with water using a large flat watercolour brush to release trapped air. Once the surface is slightly damp, it is ready to use. Rewetting may be needed as you work. Note that heavy water applications may release more air. Use a blow dryer to dry and also to dissipate air if needed.

Ampersand uses true high density hardboard made from US-grown renewable and FSC Certified Aspen wood fibers. Ampersand brand Hardbord is made without formaldehyde or harmful VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) unlike other hardboards and MDF boards. Both their domestic and imported panels are made from FSC certified forest products that promote sustainable forests.


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