Golden : Qor : Watercolour Medium : Light Dimensional Ground : 237ml



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A white, lightweight paste that spreads like icing sugar, QoR Light Dimensional Ground can be applied smoothly and thinly, or can be built up to create ridges, peaks and other interesting textures. This absorbent ground is ideal for producing lustrous modelled surfaces. The extremely absorbent surface of Light Dimensional Ground allows washes to spread quickly, while accommodating fine lines and detail as well. Dropping colour into lightly wetted areas creates beautiful blooms.

Application - Apply with brush, knife or trowel as desired, and allow to fully dry. This product is non-levelling and will retain the tool marks in the dried surface. Use a wet application tool to create a more even layer. Thicker applications may take several days before they are ready to be painted.


Product CodeMWQLDG237
Empfohlen fürAquarell
Größe237 ml
VeganNon Vegan
Country of ManufactureVereinigte Staaten
Hazardous TypeLiquid<250ml
Weight (kg)0.180000


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