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QoR Watercolour Ground quickly transforms almost any surface into an absorbent, bright white painting surface similar to hot-pressed paper.

Use as Ground – Allows for watercolour techniques on virtually any paintable substrate. The smooth surface remains flexible with a soft feel. Use to create custom watercolour panels or canvases. After the last layer has been applied, allow 24 hours or longer to fully dry before applying paint washes.

Use as a Correcting Fluid - One of the unique uses of this product is to recover the whiteness of an area of watercolour paper that has been stained with colour. Lift as much colour as possible without damaging by wetting and immediately blotting the paper and allow to fully dry. Next apply thin layers of Watercolour Ground, carefully feathering out edges. Build up two or more coats until the underlying stain is covered. The absorbent nature will allow for continued watercolour paint application.

Application - Apply two or more coats of Watercolour Ground to paper, panel, canvas or other desired surface. Allow sufficient time (usually 24 hours or more) for the layers to fully dry before applying watercolour washes. Up to 20% water (5:1 ground to water ratio) may be added to improve levelling. Watercolour Ground may be sanded for a smoother surface, with wet sanding providing the best results. Avoid coarser grits as they can leave scratches that will become highlighted when washes are applied to the surface.


Product CodeMWQWG237
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Größe237 ml
VeganNon Vegan
Country of ManufactureVereinigte Staaten
Hazardous TypeLiquid<250ml
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