Power Grip : Japanese Cutting Tools

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A range of razor sharp Japanese cutting tools suitable for lino, vinyl, and woodcut printmaking techniques.

  • 8 tools and 1 set available
  • Excellent quality
  • Made with wood and hardened, double-layer steel
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Made in Japan


Manufactured by celebrated Japanese bladesmith, Mikisyo Hamono, these Power Grip tools are very popular and great value.

The blades are manufactured from hardened, double-layered steel for prolonged edge-holding capacity. They are hand-sharpened to a razor sharp finish and ready to use. The total length of each tool is approximately 14.5cm with a blade measuring approximately 3cm. The handles are ergonomically shaped and are 19mm at their widest point and 10mm at their narrowest, allowing for extra power to be generated with the carving action.


Product CodeP-RKJCT
Empfohlen fürGrafik, Linolschnitt, Japanischer Holzschnitt


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