Golden : Silver Point Ground : 237ml

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Golden Silverpoint / Drawing Ground is a liquid acrylic used for the preparation of supports for drawing media. The ground is designed for the achievement of fine detailed lines on a permanent, lightfast, flexible ground. Silverpoint / Drawing Ground is ideal for use with metal styli or other drawing tools. It is formulated with 100% acrylic polymer emulsion, a low viscosity fluid that contains high levels of titanium dioxide and prepares surfaces to readily accept marks from a metal stylus.

Golden Silverpoint / Drawing Ground is designed for thin applications only. When applied too thickly the film may crack upon curing. A single thin coat is typically sufficient.

It can be brush or spray applied to paper, primed canvas, wood or any surface that will accept a water-based coating. The most common substrate for metal point drawing is heavy weight hot pressed watercolor paper.

Note: Because lower weight papers are susceptible to buckling from the moisture in the Silverpoint / Drawing Ground, some artists may find taping the edges down will help prevent extensive warping.

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Product CodeAG2935585
To Use WithSilverpoint
Size236 ml
VeganNon Vegan
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Colour NameSilver Point Ground
Colour LightfastN/A
Weight (kg)0.330000
Hazardous TypeLiquid<250ml

Reviews 4

(4 reviews)


Need to do a number of coats to build it up but no other product available



An excellent metalpoint ground. I have never tried to make my own so dont know if that would be better, but for a straight out of the bottle product this works superbly and it does not flake or crumble under repeated layers of silverpoint!



doe,s the job required of it



Good basic entry level silverpoint tool.Didnt want to spend more on one that took different size wire if it wasn't for me.


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