Lascaux : Brush Cleaner : 250ml

SKU: ALM2502080




The Lascaux Brush Cleaner is a water-based product which achieves its results through surface-active substances. The product contains no solvents, phosphates, acids or caustic alkalis and is biologically degradable.

Lascaux Brush Cleaner is extremely economical: it is usually diluted with water in a 1:1 mixture or used in a weak solution of as little as 3% (30ml of Lascaux Brush Cleaner to 1 litre of water). Undiluted application is only necessary for heavily encrusted deposits of old paint.


Product Code ALM2502080
AU Stocked Range Yes
Size 250 ml
Quality Highest
Vegan Vegan
Hazardous Type Liquid<250ml


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