Studio Essentials : Watertight Folding Plastic Palette : 18 Well





This folding plastic palette is perfect for making sure your colours stay wet in between sessions. This allows you to keep working with the same mixes. The outside top half is a pleasing metallic grey and the bottom is completely white. It has a clicking clasp that holds it tightly and firmly together.

This handy palette includes 2 large mixing squares 18 small slanted mixing wells and a titled large rectangular palette in the lid. And a removable lipped clear plastic palette that fits into the lid.

  • Keeps mixes wet for longer
  • Prevents leaking
  • Lots of room for mixing
  • Robust plastic
  • This palette measures: width 27cm, depth open 24cm, depth closed 12cm, height 2.3cm


Product Code APP18W
AU Stocked Range Yes
Vegan Vegan


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