Tri-Art : Liquid Glass : Pouring Medium : 2000ml

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A high-quality pouring medium with a number of versatile and practical uses.
  • A high-quality pouring medium with a number of versatile and practical uses.


Tri Art Liquid Glass Pouring Medium has been created to accept colour beautifully, keeping them as bright as possible while drying to an extremely hard, clear high gloss finish. It is great for use in high-quality pour paintings, as it lets the acrylic flow, levels perfectly and maintains an even suspension.

Liquid Glass can also be used as a top coat. It has complete UV stability and will not yellow over time. Artists should ensure that the paint underneath has fully cured before applying a layer of Liquid Glass. By pouring liquid glass before the acrylics underneath have fully cured, it can cause bubbling within the Liquid Glass as the layers underneath try to cure and release volatiles. We recommend waiting 72 hours for it to cure.

  • Can be used as a clear finishing coat
  • Use on rigid level surfaces
  • Dries to an extremely hard, clear and very glossy finish
  • Compatible with Tri Art Liquid Glass colours a range of bright pouring colours with an exact ratio of pigment
  • Easy flow and strong colour clarity
  • Will not craze
  • Use with liquid format or high-flow acrylic
  • Can be opacified if white is added to it
  • Can be used to create negative space with coloured pours or to extend pouring mixes
  • Recommended ratio 1:20 colour (liquid acrylic) to try Art Liquid Glass Pouring medium
  • Test fluid flow and suspension before use

Please note: This medium must be thoroughly shaken and mixed before use. If any lumps are noticeable after mixing, it is recommended to strain these out using cheesecloth.

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Product CodeATPM2000
To Use WithAcrylic, Pouring Technique
Size2000 ml
Weight (kg)2.222000
Country of ManufactureCanada


(1 review)

Seals glitter

I have used this to seal glitter and works well as long you do not use too much.


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